Wednesday, July 1, 2009

♦♦♦Swarovski crystals♦♦♦

This is my swarovski accessories, bracelet paired with earrings, designed and made by my sister lou. I really love it 'coz it nice to wear, it's like glitters, haha.. so eyecatching... my sister made many of these with different designs. Some were delivered to US, ordered by my aunts and gift to my mom. But, i didnt have the chance to take photos of it... the Purple set was about $21.5 (Php1000) and the Pink set was about $30.2 (Php1400).


MiuMiu said...


sasa is pretty good with online purchases, i've done it a few times already. too bad they don't have free delivery anymore! they used to have offers of free delivery without a minimum purchase. can't wait to see your haul!

wiluna said...

thanks miumiu. =)

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